Beware of Fraud: RDA's Alert on Unauthorized Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) aims to raise awareness among the general public regarding the legal status of approved housing schemes in Rawalpindi and urges them to avoid illegal and unauthorized housing schemes. Mohammed Saif Anwar Jappa, the Director General of RDA, has directed the public to exercise caution when considering investment in private housing schemes.
Currently, RDA has granted approval to 70 housing schemes in Rawalpindi. These schemes include 10 housing schemes on Fatah Jhang Road, 2 schemes on Motorway Link Road, 9 schemes on Gorja Road and Misrial Road, 1 scheme on Chakri Road and Dhamyal Road, 13 schemes in Adiala Road, GT Road, and Kotli Sattian, 6 schemes on Airport Link Road, 9 schemes in Pothohar Town, 4 schemes in Teshil Murree, and 6 schemes in Teshil Taxila Rawalpindi.
The spokesperson of RDA highlights that the details of approved private housing schemes, including plan specifications and plot categories, can be obtained directly from the RDA's website at or through the scheme's QR code. Therefore, it is crucial to check the location and category of plots within the approved areas of housing schemes before making any investments to avoid any fraudulent activities or financial losses. Detailed information about the plots available for sale or rent is also provided on the website.
It is essential to note that only projects approved by the relevant authorities hold legal significance. Any scheme lacking approval from RDA should not be considered for investment. Mohammed Saif Anwar Jappa, the Director General of RDA, has advised the public to obtain the details of approved schemes and plot categories directly from the RDA office to make informed investment decisions and seek guidance regarding investment in public-approved schemes.
The general public is strongly advised not to invest in any scheme that advertises without obtaining approval from the RDA, especially if it is being promoted through electronic or print media. Such schemes should be regarded as illegal, and individuals are advised to refrain from investing in them.
By adhering to these guidelines and verifying the authenticity of housing schemes, the public can protect themselves from falling victim to illegal and unauthorized schemes and potential financial losses.

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